About Us


We admire family businesses which have developed their products for decades in accordance with nature.

We, the founders, went to school, have received solid educations and subsequently have chosen professions in medicine, the technical field as well as in the top management area of large companies. Sooner or later it independently became clear to us that there is nothing better than running a genuine and sustainable business with nature’s high potential raw materials for the benefit of all living beings. Historical notes about gold and silver can be traced back to Paracelsus and provide us with an abundance of knowledge and experience throughout the centuries, which we unfortunately tend to forget.

Our experts have been intensely dealing with precious metals for a number years, especially with colloidal metals. Eventually, they felt certain that it was possible to receive a large benefit with the respective quality in connection with expertise, know-how and the latest technology. Thus, it might have been a fortunate coincidence for us to come together and being able to make these wonderful products available to everyone.

It took an empirically reviewed work to develop the products in accordance with high responsibility into marketable commodities. Finally, Kuruma has been founded in December 2012 and so far we are very thankful for the uncountable positive feedback from our customers and partners.