Mission Statement



This represents the base of our guiding principles. Our planet provides us with resources and prerequisites, which enable a peaceful, life- and health-affirming existence.
Knowledge and experience are passed on through evolution in abundance. Thus, it enables unforeseen perspectives for a new quality of life through honestly reflecting combined with the most recent knowledge and opportunities. All living beings will benefit from us successfully pushing back undesirable developments on a small as well as on a large scale and each one of us assumes responsibility for their actions towards nature and fellow human beings at their best.

We respect history and tradition. We attribute great importance to ecological responsibility concerning production as well as the packaging of our products. We honestly and openly supervise our customers and partners. We exclusively produce and sell high-quality products we are committed to ourselves.
Super-colloidal gold and silver are achievements of research, which enabled gifts of nature to be advanced to high-quality and valuable products. We are not satisfied with any precious metal-colloid, but we rather have developed a unique manifacturing process throughout long-lasting tests. We clearly reject production with amateurish devices and nonexistent expertise, as in this case constant quality in production cannot be guaranteed. Similarly, we dissociate from misinterpreted and frightening rumours about silver-colloids, which time and again unsettle potential customers of real solution portfolios in our society.

For six years we have been dealing empirically, physically and chemically with gold and silver, made possible by a wide range of knowledge and well-founded expertise. This knowledge and these skills are perfect prerequisites for the production of our high-quality agwa super-colloids.
The great interest as well as the high quality of agwa encourage us to customize first-class super colloids on the market.